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Jet Charters from Azzura Charters

Azzura Charters specialise in arranging bespoke private jet charter services. Jet charter empowers you to travel in comfort and style to your destination. Whether you’re jetting off to New York for a business meeting or hitting the slopes for the weekend, we offer the latest aircraft hire and competitive prices that match your itinerary.

Why choose jet charter from Azzura Charters?

We are recognised around the world by aircraft operators, handling agents and caterers. These relationships allow us to create bespoke jet hire itineraries to fit in with your busy life, whilst providing personalised customer service at all times. All you need to do is tell us what you need: destination, flight time and how many people, pets and luggage there will be. With just one call or email, Azzura Charters will source the most suitable aircraft for your journey and exceed your expectations. Our experience puts us in the best position to offer professional advice and recommendations.

At Azzura Charters, we have access to a network of licensed aircraft around the world so we have the ability to see real time availability of jet charters that match with your itinerary. When booking your jet charter, we give you the choice of ground handling agency, where possible, and catering to ensure that food provided meets your dietary requirements.

Our discreet customer service professionals will keep in contact with you, or a designated person, to keep you update to date with weather conditions, possible slots, confirmed departure times, and so forth. We can also arrange onward transportation, including a car service, helicopter transfer or yacht charter.

Benefits of private jet charter

Private jet hire is the convenient choice. There’s no need to be constrained by scheduled airlines’ timetables and because private jets can take off and land on much smaller runways, they can access a huge number of airports and private airfields around the world. This gives you the flexibility to choose the most convenient airports for departure and arrival, making for shorter transfers and increased time efficiency.

Getting to the airport will most likely be easier because there is usually less traffic around private airfields due to the small number of flights, and even when using a commercial airport, jet charters depart from exclusive terminals, away from the regular hustle and bustle. With dedicated executive aircraft handling facilities it’s likely that you will only be required to arrive at the airport twenty minutes before departure. You can simply arrive at the airport and proceed straight through to your waiting jet with just discreet check in and security processes. Once on-board your luxury private jet charter, your pre-arranged catering and preferred newspapers will be waiting for you.

Jet charter is suitable for both business and leisure travel. For business travel, it offers to ultimate in flexibility and convenience. You waste less time travelling and dedicate more time to what matters. Whilst in the air, your chartered jet can turn into a flying office; many offer satellite phones and high speed internet access. There is no need to be disconnected. Continue working from the plane or conduct business meetings in the air. Jet charter gives you the ability to visit multiple destinations in one day. Lunchtime business meeting in Frankfurt, followed by dinner with clients in Paris? No problem, and you can be home in time to sleep in your own bed.

For leisure travel, jet charter allows you to make the most of your precious holiday time. No more airport stresses, no lengthy security queues and no long walks from the lounge to the gate. With a luxury private yet, you receive VIP treatment and the opportunity to arrive in style. Whether you are heading to St Tropez or St Moritz, our jet charters work to your schedule.

Types of jet charter

Various categories of jet charter are available for hire. From the very light jet with a capacity of just four passengers, perfect for a weekend break, to the large business jet, which is ideal for transatlantic travel.

Empty leg flights

If you are flexible with your departure dates and timings, you could benefit from reduced cost jet charter. Private jets are based at particular airports, but the passengers do not always start and end their journeys at the base airport. This means that jet often need to travel empty when repositioning from another airport, where they have dropped off passengers, to their base or vice versa. These journeys are known as empty legs, and it is possible to charter the jet during these empty legs for up to 75% of the regular rate. To see the offers available, take a look at our empty leg flights page.