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All About Helicopter Rental

— Mar 4 2014

Helicopter travel is a fun and exhilarating method of travel suitable for both business and leisure passengers. Helicopters offer the ultimate in convenience. Travel from city centre to city centre, or to hard to reach areas that would take days to reach over land. Helicopter rental lets you avoid the traffic and possible rail delays for journeys up to 450 miles.

For business travel, helicopter rental allows you to get as close to your destination as possible. This reduces your time out of the office for minimal impact on your productivity.

Helicopter charter is a popular way to travel from airports to ski resorts and to hotels and events. There’s no need to battle the crowded roads when you can arrive in style at the Grand Prix, horse racing or music festivals.

How do helicopters work?

Helicopters have one or more motor-driven rotors. It is the movement of the rotor blades that generates lift and allows the helicopter to fly. Helicopters take off and land vertically, without the need for a runway. This gives great flexibility and allows helicopters to reach areas inaccessible to regular aircraft.

Are helicopters noisy?

Modern helicopters are designed to make as little noise as possible. Larger helicopters designed for passenger transport often have enclosed cabins, which are soundproofed to reduce noise inside the cabin. This will allow you to conduct conversations within the cabin with ease and makes for a very pleasant journey. In smaller helicopters with open cabins, it is louder and passengers are normally given headphones to wear which allow them to converse with each other and the pilot without shouting.

Comfortable travel in a helicopter

All helicopters available for charter are equipped with comfortable leather seats which give you enough leg room to relax and spread out. Many larger helicopters are very luxuriously appointed and are similar to an executive car inside, with passengers facing each other. You can be sure of a very comfortable journey while in a helicopter.

Helicopter charter with Azzura Charters

Azzura have a range of helicopters available to rent. They range in size to accommodate between 4 and 6 passengers, with a range of up to 450 miles. Each helicopter is piloted by an experienced helicopter pilot so you can rest assured that you are in safe and capable hands.

To learn all about helicopter rental with Azzura Charters and to see which helicopters we offer, take a look at our helicopter charter page.

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