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Can A Private Jet Fly In The Snow?

— Feb 1 2014

Winter Ski Charter

We aim to ensure our customers get to their desired destinations when they want, with as few hassles as possible, even when it’s snowing. When commercial, scheduled airlines are cancelling flights, private jet operators are able to keep flying except in the most extreme conditions.

In Europe, privately chartered jets have access to around 3,000 airports, much more than is available to commercial airlines. Snowfall and temperatures can be very different from one area of a country to another, even over a relatively small area. The flexibility of private jet travel means that pilots can submit their flight schedules just 2 hours prior to departure. Your itinerary can be changed to avoid areas of bad weather and to use airports less affected by snow or ice. Snow clearing and de-icing can be much quicker at smaller airports because of the smaller area of taxiways, and de-icing is reduced because private jets are often kept in hangars preventing snow and ice from settling on them.

When devising your winter jet charter itinerary, we use our knowledge of individual airports and their quirks. For example, the weather at your destination airport may tend to deteriorate as the day goes on, so we might recommend a morning flight. We monitor the weather closely in the 24 hours before your departure and will liaise with the captain to ensure the weather is suitable for flying.

The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us. You can rest assured that our experienced pilots are well-versed in flying in a wide range of weather conditions, including heavy snow and low cloud, which causes reduced visibility. You are in safe hands with Azzura Charters.

Even when extreme weather forces airports to close and planes to be grounded, private aviation companies can get things moving again almost immediately. There are no long backlogs to contend with, such is often the case with commercial, scheduled airlines.

Whether you’re looking to escape to the Alpine slopes this winter, or need to fly to a chilly destination, such as Chicago, on business, Azzura Charters are dedicated to providing exemplary service, whatever the weather. Read more about flying during the winter in our private jets here.

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