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Can I Travel By Private Jet With My Pet?

— Feb 3 2014

Pet Passport Travel

When you charter a private jet with Azzura Charters there is no need to leave your beloved family pet behind. They can travel with you in the cabin on the aircraft. With commercial flights you normally have to cage your buddy up for them to be transported in the cargo hold with the luggage. Being able to travel with your pet is just one of the benefits of exclusive private jet travel.


Jet charter for pets

Ensure your pampered pooch travels in style. A growing number of airports provided dedicated facilities for pets; some of these airports are London Oxford, London Biggin Hill, London Stansted and Manchester. Unlike regular airport terminals, which can be manically busy, private, VIP terminals allow your pet to travel through with minimum fuss and hassle. The last thing you want before a flight is for your four-legged pal to get over-excited or scared.

The jet’s captain will ask for your pet to be safely in his carrier box during both takeoff and landing, but just like when the seat belt sign comes off, your pooch will be free to roam around the cabin to be fussed upon by you and the crew. Private aircraft operators will make sure your pet feels welcome onboard.

Travelling with your pet

Each country has its own rules regarding the import of pets, so it’s imperative that you check with your destination country. You also need to make sure that your pet’s documentation is correct and up-to-date.

It’s best not to take your dog or cat onto a plane with a full stomach or bladder, for obvious reasons. You should ensure that they keep hydrated but not full.

For more information about travelling with your pet with Azzura Charters, click here.


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