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Guide To Choosing The Best Air Charter

— Feb 12 2014

Air charter options are varied providing the client with the benefit of choice and enabling them to employ an air charter service bespoke to their needs. When choosing an air charter service there are several considerations the client may wish to take into account. The following guide will highlight those considerations and ensure your flight charter will meet your needs.

The first point to consider when looking into private air charter services as opposed to public options is the time factor on departure and arrival. Chartered flights are generally smaller aircraft that require less runway space and as such can make use of smaller, regional airports giving you the benefit of leaving and arriving closer to your destination. The air charter client can also save time boarding and disembarking, avoiding lengthy queues at luggage collection points and immigration channels, some of the smaller airports allow you the luxury of driving up to the aircraft whilst larger airports will have a dedicated team to enable faster processing.

Cabin size and number of occupants is a key factor in choosing your air charter and aircraft. Think about how many passengers will be on board and the comfort level required. Smaller to midsize aircraft can cater for up to 8 people whilst some of the larger private charter aircraft can accommodate up to 16. Consideration should also be given to comfort levels with air charter options ranging from arm-chair configurations to sofas. Larger aircraft that fly for longer distances will also have facilities for sleeping.

Flight time is also an important factor to look into, some air charter craft are ideal for short haul flights whilst others are more economical for the long haul routes up to 12 hours flight time.

The on-board facilities are a salient point to observe when choosing your air charter, from washroom facilities to on-board refreshments; these can vary from simple cold snacks to three course meals you may also wish to decide on how many in-flight attendants you would require.

Finally the purpose and nature of your trip should be addressed as this will influence the level of luxury you require, the luggage space needed and what activities you will be doing during the flight. Some aircraft are ideal mobile offices whilst some will allow you to move around and others designed simply for comfort.

This guide will help you make the right choice and get the most out of your air charter service, please click here for some of the aircraft options you can choose from.

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