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Jet Charter Vs First Class

— Feb 27 2014

There is no denying that first class travel is luxurious, from the dedicated check in desk to the executive lounge and ‘suites’ available on some airlines’ newer planes. You receive a dedicated service and are treated like royalty. With jet charter, the major benefit over first class with a commercial airline is the exclusivity and convenience.

Private jets are able to use smaller airports that commercial aircraft cannot use. This means that you can depart from an airport closer to home or work, and fly into an airport closer to your final destination, cutting out long commutes and the traffic congestion that goes hand-in-hand with major airports. This also gives you more choice. Scheduled airlines often only fly into large, international airports. But what happens if this is four hours from your destination? You may have to take a connecting flight or perhaps have a long drive ahead of you. There is also no need to worry about missing your flight, as the aircraft will not leave until you are on it. Don’t want to leave your pet at home? Domestic pets, such as dogs and cats, are permitted in the cabin with you during the flight.

With jet charter you are not restricted to scheduled airlines’ timetables and seasonality. What happens if you need to arrive in Dubai at 7am but the first flight does not get you in until 11am? You would normally need to arrive the day before and spend the night. Choosing private jet charter reduces your need for overnight stays as the itinerary will be built around you. There is also no need to worry about an aircraft selling out. There are only limited seats in first class, however Azzura Charters have access to private jet operators around the world allowing us to find you an available plane.

Chartering your own plane will also enable you to reduce your trip time. With first class you may have a dedicated check in deck and fast track security, but due to the size of most major airports you will still need to arrive some time before your flight in order to navigate your way to the departure gate. One arrival, you will need to clear customs and await your luggage on the carousel. With a private jet, you do not normally need to arrive at your chosen airport until around twenty minutes prior to departure and the arrival procedures are just as swift. Another benefit with smaller airports are shorter taxiways and fewer flights, which means less queuing and less time spent on the tarmac.

So jet charter is luxurious just like first class, but you also benefit from flexibility, privacy and ultimate convenience. Want to explore your options for private jet travel? Read more about the best jet charters.

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