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Multiple Site Visits By Helicopter Charter

— Sep 23 2014

Private Helicopter Charter Agusta 109 PowerCase Study 2:

Multiple Site Visits by Helicopter

Azzura Charters received an enquiry from a PR and Marketing client who was looking at creative ways to promote a chain  of luxurious country house hotels to generate a good piece of marketing PR to publicise the outstanding levels of comfort, faciltiies, services and outstanding business and banqueting facilities on offer.

Internally the client had decided to take a group of journalists to each of the 4 hotels in the chain over the period of a day to see the facilities and experience the hotel restaurants but logistically they felt that the travel distance by road between each hotel would be too long and could possibly tarnish the wonderful experience just encountered.

What the client considered to be a "pie in the sky" idea became a reality after discussing their requirements with Azzura Charters. A helicopter charter which could take 5 journalists plus a representative between each hotel provided that extra special touch whereby the journalists travelling would endure the experience of a luxury helicopter charter landing on-site at each hotel.

The client arranged for the journalists to visit all 4 hotels in one day where they would visit one for breakfast, one for lunch, one for afternoon tea and finally for dinner.

During the planning stage the date for travel needed to change, the routing / hotel visit order needed to change and even just the night before we were able to arrange a little extra flying to take in some Coastal landmarks en-route. Azzura Charters looked at each of the heli-pad sites and looked at what type of helicopter would be required to fulfil the charter. It was concluded a twin engine helicopter would be necessary for the landing sites, one with 6 seats in a luxury cabin interior and so Azzura recommended an Agusta 109 Power.

At one particular coastal hotel in Eastbourne there wasn't a helipad and the nearest clear area for a helicopter landing was the council owned promenade adjacent to the hotel. The client had previously made some initial contact with the hotel and local authority to discuss permissions for using this site and Azzura Charters then worked with the local authority to gain the permission and provide all the necessary insurance documentation, Health and Safety Audits.

   Agusta 109 Power Exterior Agusta 109 Power Interior

On the day of the helicopter charter Azzura Charters staff were onsite along with members of the helicopter operations team to cordon off the landing site, provide security and protect the public's safety on the seafront for the helicopter to land, take-off and park for a few hours. There was a lot of public interest as to who the "famous stars" were on-board the helicopter, but of course client confidentiality is paramount here at Azzura Charters, so our discretion on who we were and what we was doing was kept to a minimum. I'm sure the journalist felt very much like movie stars for the day!

The day proved to be an outstanding success, the helicopter was on standby at each hotel location ready for the journalist's onward travels and the Captain provided the passengers with some commentary on the landmarks of the route they were flying. The overall result and feedback was that the day proved to be a success and an exceptional investment in creating a winning piece of PR.

If you are looking at ways to visit numerous sites, timing is of critical importance and you wish to land as close as possible to your destination then a helicopter charter may just be for you.

For further information or to discuss your requirements and see if they are feasible contact Azzura Charters for a hassle free quotation.

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