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Multiple Site Visits By Private Jet

— Sep 3 2014

Case Study 1

Multiple Site Visits

One particular engineering client needed to take a small board of directors to visit 4  of their manufacturing plants around Europe. Struggling with finding direct commercial flights between the appropriate airports in Spain, Denmark, Poland and Germany both on the dates and times required was proving both difficult and time consuming. Incurring additional costs in overnight hotel accommodation, a loss of time from the office and time spent waiting around airports for connecting commercial flights.

A phone call to Azzura Charters was all it took for the travel organiser, who explained what needed to be achieved and left it to the expertly skilled broker to put together a small private jet charter which enabled the client to visit 4 sites across Europe in Just 2 days away from the office.

Private Jet Charter for European Tour

The Result:

The private air charter allowed the client to complete a full day in the office on the Tuesday, departing after office hours from their local London Airport ensuring the board of directors arrived in Spain that evening, relaxed and ready to start a fresh day of site visits the next morning.

Azzura charters had worked meticulously with the client to ensure that there was minimal downtime and the board of directors got maximum use of each day. After the first site visit on the Wednesday morning the passengers were back at the private jet for midday taking a lunchtime flight across to Poland for their afternoon site visit.

Two meetings completed and the passengers were back on-board for an evening flight up to Denmark where they stopped overnight in advance of their 3rd site visit the following morning before embarking the private jet again in the afternoon for the final site visit in Germany.

One of the benefits of taking a private air charter was that the aircraft and pilots were sat waiting at the airport in between each flight. On one occasion the client called in to Azzura Charters to advise their meeting had finished earlier than expected and asked if it was possible to depart earlier. The answer was "of course, not a problem" a quick change to the flight plan and a request for a new departure and arrival slot and the clients were on their way ahead of schedule. One of the biggest benefits of private charters is that you, the client, are in control of your itinerary.

All in all the trip was completed in 2 full days, only 2 nights of hotel accommodation and associated expenses and the board of directors were back in their own homes in London on the Thursday evening.

Azzura charters take pleasure in assisting PA's and Travel Agents with such travel challenges and working out viable solutions. Multiple site visits are not limited to just private jets, as helicopters work in a very effective way too. You can read our Case Study on how effective a helicopter charter was for multiple site visits for one of our PR & Marketing companies here.

If you are struggling with commercial flights and considering a private air charter but not too sure how it could work and the overall costs, contact us for our independent advice and bespoke proposal tailored to suit your requirements on +44 (0) 1843 584 372 or email .

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