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Private Jet Charter Tips

— Feb 28 2014

Choosing to charter a private jet is an exclusive and luxurious experience. To make your flight as comfortable and enjoyable as possible we have compiled some jet charter tips.

Private jets revolve around you

When chartering a jet, everything revolves around you, from the schedule down to the specific newspaper waiting for you in the cabin when you board. If you wish, we can schedule numerous stops in a single day; fit in meetings in two different cities before stopping in Paris for dinner. It’s up to you. With a flexible schedule we can help you to avoid overnight stays and hotel costs while ensuring that if your meetings overrun or you want to make the most of the fair weather and fit in another round of golf, your exclusive use private jet will be waiting for you. Our top private jet charter tip is feel free to request anything that would make your flight more enjoyable.

Arriving at the airport

Not only can you depart from your most convenient airport, there is no need to battle the crowds in the main terminal. First time private jet travellers are often surprised that they are directed to the jet operator’s private terminal, where the pilot is often waiting to greet them. It is usually only necessary to arrive at the airport around 15 minutes prior to your departure time, allowing you to board almost immediately. However, if you are early there is usually a comfortable lounge, with wifi, for you to relax in.


Although there are no baggage restrictions per se, your aircraft will have limited luggage and weight capacity. If you plan on bringing a lot of luggage or want to transport large or bulky items such as golf clubs and skis, please let us know and we can ensure that a suitable aircraft is selected. If you wish to bring your pet (cat or dog) along, that is no problem as long as their Pet Passport is in order. Your pet is welcome in the cabin to spend the flight with you. Please let us know if you plan to bring your pet so we can ensure facilities are made.

On board catering

The catering options available will depend on the type of jet. Smaller jets offer cold, light refreshments, whereas the large jets have full galleys. You may be able to choose from an extensive menu in advance or opt for your favourite meal to be prepared in restaurant near the airport to be reheated on board. Many private jets have a bar but why not request a particular bottle of wine to accompany your meal or your favourite single malt for after dinner?

Have our private jet charter tips inspired you to take a trip? Read more about the types of jet charter we have available.

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