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Save Manston Airport

— Mar 24 2014

On Wednesday 19th March 2014 the aviation industry heard the announcement that Azzura Charters' local, regional airport Manston, was entering into a 45 day consultation period concerning the closure of the airport.

Manston Airport is close to the heart of Azzura Charters Managing Director Melanie Blackman as this is where her career in Aviation was first carved out back in January 2003 and she has been an avid supporter of the airport often frequent the terminal meeting and greeting clients of private air charters. 

Manston offers a unique facility in the South East on the Kent Coast handling both commercial passenger flights, cargo airliners and chartered private jets.

Over the years Manston has seen a number of famous faces pass through its doors when travelling in and out by private jet. During her time working at Manston Airport Melanie provided exceptional Customer Service / Passenger Handling to an array of famous faces from the world of sport, film and music with the likes of Jenson Button, Tiger Woods and Hugh Grant to name a few. 

Manston Airport 2004

Just last week saw the Rolling Stones land their world tour branded airliner at Manston. It will be an incredible shame if Manston Airport is to close its doors, having the 4th largest runway in the UK capable of handling the Airbus A380, excellent freight handling facilities and convenient hassle free, swift check-in facilities for both private air charter passengers and commercial airline passengers. 

Azzura Charters kindly ask for your support in signing the petition to save Manston Airport by clicking on the following link Save Manston Airport . Thanking you in advance. 

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