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The Jet Charters That Celebrities Love

— Feb 14 2014

Celebrities love to jet charter

For the celebrity that wants to fly in peace the jet charter option is the only way forward. Airports abound with paparazzi are to be avoided and one way of doing that is with a private jet charter. More and more celebrities are opting to fly via private jet charters and choosing comfort, privacy and luxury over the normal pap happy circus of public flights.

We take a look at celebrities and their jet charter of choice.

Arnold Schwarzenegger opts for the Gulfstream lll as his jet charter of choice, this spacious craft has adequate space for the muscle clad actor come politician and can seat up to 12 passengers. The aircraft is suited for long range trips at speed. With luxury accommodation and on-board facilities it is clear why this is the jet charter of choice for Arnie. Other celebrities that have opted for a Gulfstream be it the Gulfstream V or Gulfstream 4 are Jim Carey and Tom Cruise.

The Bombardier is also a popular craft, with Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates being fans. The Bombardier global 6000 is faster and has a longer range than other aircraft in its class and as such is the serious choice for those who wish to charter a jet built for purpose.

Of course jet charter services and the choice to use the service are based on sensible requirements such as privacy and convenience, however we are talking celebrity here and there are always those extreme cases in this instance John Travolta and Bruce Dickenson choosing to purchase Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 707-138 respectfully.

Private Jet Hire or indeed ownership seems to be the way forward for the modern celebrity wishing to avoid the fuss and chaos of public travel.

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